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Asbestos Removal

Our team are on hand to help with asbestos removal today. We are all highly trained and experienced with dealing with asbestos, and can help with both domestic and commercial asbestos removal. From domestic properties to government agencies, industrial to retail, we are experienced with dealing with a range of different asbestos removal projects and we can come and assess your asbestos if you believe it to be a threat. Common items removed due to asbestos infection include asbestos garages, asbestos floor tiles and asbestos pipe installation and we are more than happy to look into anything you believe we may need to take a look at, no matter how large or small your asbestos removal need is! To find out more, call us today!

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring is an important part of asbestos removal, as it serves as a precautionary measure to help ensure that there are no asbestos particles, such as dust or fibres, in the air which could be dangerous. We undergo a process of air sampling and then analyse our findings in a specialist laboratory by our top analysts. This sampling is important if suspect that any materials at your home or work are being removed as a result of asbestos, as any remaining particles could still cause you harm. If you have any questions and would like to find out more about air monitoring or whether you would benefit from air monitoring, please contact us today.

Asbestos Management Survey

We believe it is important to provide this consultancy service to aid our clients in ensuring that they follow the regulations, and surveys also act as risk management because they help to assess whether asbestos is present or not and provide information. Management surveys thereby help to locate whether there are any asbestos- containing materials in the building and if there are how bad it is and an assessment of their condition. We will take samples to confirm whether asbestos is present or not and these will thereby be analysed in our laboratory. We will then relay the results to you and then think about what measures will be needed to be taken as a result of these. We will also take photos and provide in depth analysis to ensure that you have the best possible understanding of our findings and for any insurance purposes. To find out more about management surveys, call our team today

Asbestos Awareness Training

It is important to be aware of asbestos and asbestos regulations if you have a career which may lead to you being exposed to asbestos, which thereby means anyone who has such an occupation needs to be thoroughly trained. From electricians to joiners, plasterers to roofers, shop fitters to architects, there are a range of careers which require training to ensure that those involved know how to spot asbestos and how to avoid any risks. Our team have compiled a successful form of assessment which involves classroom work shops and online learning to ensure that those being taught leave with a thorough and in-depth understanding of asbestos. When working on the structure of buildings, or carrying out maintenance tasks on your own home, an awareness of asbestos could mean the difference between life and death. Contact us today to find out more.

Asbestos Testing & Analysis

We offer our customers an asbestos sample testing service which can be used for both one-off samples as well as a complete survey sample analysis. Some customers prefer to take their own samples and send them directly to our laboratories, which will then be tested and results will be available soon after. Many customers prefer for our trained surveyors to come and attend their commercial or domestic property to take samples of any suspected asbestos and then get that tested and get the results as soon as possible. Simply contact us today and we will be able to give you a better idea of the service as well as talk you through the costs. We are able to provide a quick and efficient service with fast results.

Refurbishment & Demolition Survey

Refurbishment and Demolition surveys are required before any building, or part of a building, is demolished. A demolition survey is necessary to ensure that nobody will get hurt by the work done regarding asbestos containing materials, and also to make sure that the work will be done in the right way. These surveys require full access to the building to ensure that they get a comprehensive view of any and all asbestos in the building, and so thereby they are generally not suitable for occupied areas as they can prompt damage and debris. We thereby recommend air monitoring after the survey, to ensure that the property will thereby be safe to enter afterwards. If you would like to find out more, contact our team today.

Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment inspection is now a legal requirement for businesses and provides a comprehensive, thorough look at your property in order to assess anything that may prove to be a hazard or a source of fire. We will thereby think about ways to reduce the risk and spread of fire and think about how any threats can be neutralised. After this assessment we will thereby send you a complete fire risk assessment report with our findings and which covers all aspects, including fire hazard and fire safety. This assessment will help you to protect your business, staff, customers and will give you an overall plan and recommendations for what to do in case of emergency and to ensure that the fire safety procedures that have been put in place are safe and comply with the necessary regulations. To find out more, contact us today.

Asbestos Report

We will provide you with an asbestos report after an asbestos management survey or asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey has been completed, as this has to be carried out first before we can provide you with our findings. This report will include photos, a management plan for the asbestos and recommendations for how to proceed. This report is needed in order to sell a property, and is also needed before any refurbishment or demolition takes place. We are able to produce and send our reports to you within a day of an asbestos survey being completed, which thereby means you will be able to commence with any developments as soon as possible. Please contact us today if you have any questions.

Waste Transfer & Collection Services

Asbestos waste can be dangerous and it is important to deal with it in a certain way, which thereby means that it should not be moved or touched by unqualified people. We are able to provide a waste transfer service which means that we can pickup and transfer any asbestos waste that you may have accumulated. We are on hand to collect it, transport it and we will collect it when is most convenient for you and take it to a waste transfer station. We are happy to operate this service because it ensures your safety and means that any waste can be properly disposed of. To find out more, contact us today and we will be happy to help you.


When you know that you have asbestos in your property, it is vital that you get the best possible advice to ensure that it is dealt with properly. Before you do anything at all, you should think about using our consultation service. We can help you to work out whether anything needs to be done about your asbestos, and the next steps to take if action is required. This means that you will know that everything is being dealt with safely, and this can be incredibly important when dealing with asbestos. To chat to a member of our team about your current situation, simply get in touch with us today.


When you’re dealing with asbestos, any action that is to be taken could have an impact on your property. With this being the case, before you get any kind of work done you should have your property surveyed, so that you know the exact impact that the work could have. We can provide this service for you, and our highly trained team can ensure that everything has been considered before any work begins. This is important, as asbestos removal can be dangerous, so get in touch with us as soon as possible to see what we can do for you.


Once asbestos has been removed from your property, you may find that products need to be fitted to remedy any work that has been done. This could include plasterboard, insulation or gutters depending on where your asbestos has been removed from, and it is vital that you get this done as soon as possible. Our experts can help you with this, and have the skills needed to get your property right back to its former glory as quickly as possible. This is great, as it means that the disruption from asbestos removal will be over, so get in touch with us today to put the wheels in motion.

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